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Atomic Game Store is an online retailer which provides the most competitive prices for Entertainment and Gaming Furniture.

Our business is currently located in California, with warehouses across the United States. 

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I purchased the MyT7 and love it. The performance is optimal for competitive and causal playing. It was an easy setup and I would recommend this table to my friends and family.

Matthew M.

I just purchased my second table! My friends and I love playing on my current table - The Casino X2. We have over 1000 hours of playing table and the table looks as good as new. It must be something in the craftsmanship or raw materials, but I have never seen felt and pad hold up like this before. The felt is easy to clean and seems like it will last forever. The new table I selected is the Lumen HD. We are excited to add the new table to our game room and we are sure it will be the new center piece.

Bill D.

This table is nothing short of amazing. Quality is impressive, it's hefty and well-made. Looks like a farmhouse table with sturdy metal legs...then it turns into a play table in less than 60 seconds. Highly recommend!!

Kriten H.

I was always a chocolate lover…. But when I got the 415 Max Vanilla table my love of chocolate took second place to my new love of Vanilla! The black legs with the white table is the most inclusive table around! We LOVE everything about it!

Jody G.

We have just recently gotten our table. But it is the center point of our new bar room. Fabulous table and sparkling looks. No game room is complete without one.


We love our ping pong table and the kids have played for countless hours. I highly recommend buying from this company.

Jeremy H.

The table is beautiful to look at and seems a quality product. Definitely worth the money.

Mark H.

Table is beautiful, we had a small problem and they jumped on it it and made it right. We are having a blast playing outdoors with our MyT7Breeze. Bravo!

Greg M.

If you are looking for a top end table for playability and appearance, this is the one. No competitor comes close. Such a refreshing experience to get what you pay for and more from a company that has clear pride in their product. Ordering, shipping and assembly were easy and flawless. Table plays true and solid. Added bonus that the appearance is spectacular. Highest recommendation.

Robert P.

All I ask is that I get the product that I expect when I make a purchase like this. This table is exactly that. Easy assembly. Well built and a great net that holds tension. Love it.

Nathan L.

We absolutely love our new Outdoor Joola Ping Pong Table. We have had several indoor tables over the years that we tried, for space reasons, to utilize and store outside with water-proof covers year round. Not surprisingly, that didn't go so well. We finally took the plunge and now have a true outdoor table that we can use and safely store outside all year long. We are so excited. It looks and plays great. Thank you!

RT B Healt

My teenager and I love this table! It was very straightforward to assemble, quality is excellent. We love the built in ball and paddle holders and that the table folds up and can roll away if needed. Could not be happier!

Sally R.